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Title: Electrophoretic detection and separation of mutant DNA using replaceable polymer matrices

The disclosure relates to a method for resolving double-stranded DNA species differing by at least one base pair. Each of the species is characterized by an iso-melting domain with a unique melting temperature contiguous with a melting domain of higher thermal stability.
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  1. (Newton, MA)
  2. (Winchester, MA)
  3. (Malden, MA)
  4. (Brookline, MA)
  5. (Pittsburgh, PA)
  6. (Quincy, MA)
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA); Northeastern University (Boston, MA) CHO
Patent Number(s):
US 5633129
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA)
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United States
electrophoretic; detection; separation; mutant; dna; replaceable; polymer; matrices; disclosure; relates; method; resolving; double-stranded; species; differing; base; pair; characterized; iso-melting; domain; unique; melting; temperature; contiguous; thermal; stability; stranded dna; double-stranded dna; thermal stability; melting temperature; disclosure relates; base pair; mutant dna; /435/204/422/436/999/