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Title: Method for chemically analyzing a solution by acoustic means

A method and apparatus for determining a type of solution and the concention of that solution by acoustic means. Generally stated, the method consists of: immersing a sound focusing transducer within a first liquid filled container; locating a separately contained specimen solution at a sound focal point within the first container; locating a sound probe adjacent to the specimen, generating a variable intensity sound signal from the transducer; measuring fundamental and multiple harmonic sound signal amplitudes; and then comparing a plot of a specimen sound response with a known solution sound response, thereby determining the solution type and concentration.
  1. (Idaho Falls, ID)
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United States of America as represented by Department of Energy (Washington, DC) INEEL
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US 5623095
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Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory, Idaho Falls, ID
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United States
method; chemically; analyzing; solution; acoustic; means; apparatus; determining; type; concention; stated; consists; immersing; sound; focusing; transducer; liquid; filled; container; locating; separately; contained; specimen; focal; probe; adjacent; generating; variable; intensity; signal; measuring; fundamental; multiple; harmonic; amplitudes; comparing; plot; response; concentration; method consists; signal amplitude; signal amplitudes; liquid filled; acoustic means; /73/