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Title: Steel characteristics measurement system using Barkhausen jump sum rate and magnetic field intensity and method of using same

A steel hardness measurement system and method of using same are provided for measuring at least one mechanical or magnetic characteristic of a ferromagnetic sample as a function of at least one magnetic characteristic of the sample. A magnetic field generator subjects the sample to a variable external magnetic field. The magnetic field intensity of the magnetic field generated by the magnetic field generating means is measured and a signal sensor is provided for measuring Barkhausen signals from the sample when the sample is subjected to the external magnetic field. A signal processing unit calculates a jump sum rate first moment as a function of the Barkhausen signals measured by the signal sensor and the magnetic field intensity, and for determining the at least one mechanical or magnetic characteristic as a function of the jump sum rate first moment.
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  1. (Omer, IL)
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  3. (New Carrollton, MD)
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American Iron and Steel Institute (Washington, DC) IDO
Patent Number(s):
US 5619135
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American Iron and Steel Institute (Washington, DC)
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United States
steel; characteristics; measurement; barkhausen; jump; rate; magnetic; field; intensity; method; hardness; provided; measuring; mechanical; characteristic; ferromagnetic; sample; function; generator; subjects; variable; external; generated; generating; means; measured; signal; sensor; signals; subjected; processing; unit; calculates; moment; determining; processing unit; field generating; generating means; signal processing; magnetic field; field intensity; field generated; external magnetic; signal process; field generator; magnetic characteristic; /324/73/702/