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Title: Data acquisition system

A data acquisition circuit for a particle detection system that allows for time tagging of particles detected by the system. The particle detection system screens out background noise and discriminate between hits from scattered and unscattered particles. The detection system can also be adapted to detect a wide variety of particle types. The detection system utilizes a particle detection pixel array, each pixel containing a back-biased PIN diode, and a data acquisition pixel array. Each pixel in the particle detection pixel array is in electrical contact with a pixel in the data acquisition pixel array. In response to a particle hit, the affected PIN diodes generate a current, which is detected by the corresponding data acquisition pixels. This current is integrated to produce a voltage across a capacitor, the voltage being related to the amount of energy deposited in the pixel by the particle. The current is also used to trigger a read of the pixel hit by the particle.
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  1. (14228 Amherst Ct., Los Altos Hills, CA 94022)
  2. (1618 17th St., Sacramento, CA 95814)
  3. (440 De Anza Ct., Oceanside, CA 92057)
  4. (526 Cuesta Real, La Honda, CA 94020)
  5. (4540 Varsity Ct., Sacramento, CA 95841)
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Shapiro; Stephen L. (14228 Amherst Ct., Los Altos Hills, CA 94022); Mani; Sudhindra (1618 17th St., Sacramento, CA 95814); Atlas; Eugene L. (440 De Anza Ct., Oceanside, CA 92057); Cords; Dieter H. W. (526 Cuesta Real, La Honda, CA 94020); Holbrook; Britt (4540 Varsity Ct., Sacramento, CA 95841) SLAC
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US 5619040
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Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), Menlo Park, CA
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United States
data; acquisition; circuit; particle; detection; allows; time; tagging; particles; detected; screens; background; noise; discriminate; hits; scattered; unscattered; adapted; detect; wide; variety; types; utilizes; pixel; array; containing; back-biased; diode; electrical; contact; response; hit; affected; diodes; generate; current; corresponding; pixels; integrated; produce; voltage; capacitor; related; amount; energy; deposited; trigger; particle detection; data acquisition; electrical contact; wide variety; pixel array; background noise; corresponding data; particle type; /250/327/