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Title: Compositions and method of use of constructed microbial mats

Compositions and methods of use of constructed microbial mats, comprising cyanobacteria and purple autotrophic bacteria and an organic nutrient source, in a laminated structure, are described. The constructed microbial mat is used for bioremediation of different individual contaminants and for mixed or multiple contaminants, and for production of beneficial compositions and molecules.
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  1. (Atlanta, GA)
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Microbial and Aquatic Treatment Systems, Inc. (Atlanta, GA) SRO
Patent Number(s):
US 5614097
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Clark Atlanta University
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United States
compositions; method; constructed; microbial; mats; methods; comprising; cyanobacteria; purple; autotrophic; bacteria; organic; nutrient; source; laminated; structure; described; mat; bioremediation; individual; contaminants; mixed; multiple; production; beneficial; molecules; microbial mats; constructed microbial; beneficial compositions; organic nutrient; multiple contaminants; purple autotrophic; comprising cyanobacteria; microbial mat; nutrient source; individual contaminants; laminated structure; autotrophic bacteria; /210/47/