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Title: Torque shudder protection device and method

A torque shudder protection device for an induction machine includes a flux command generator for supplying a steady state flux command and a torque shudder detector for supplying a status including a negative status to indicate a lack of torque shudder and a positive status to indicate a presence of torque shudder. A flux adapter uses the steady state flux command and the status to supply a present flux command identical to the steady state flux command for a negative status and different from the steady state flux command for a positive status. A limiter can receive the present flux command, prevent the present flux command from exceeding a predetermined maximum flux command magnitude, and supply the present flux command to a field oriented controller. After determining a critical electrical excitation frequency at which a torque shudder occurs for the induction machine, a flux adjuster can monitor the electrical excitation frequency of the induction machine and adjust a flux command to prevent the monitored electrical excitation frequency from reaching the critical electrical excitation frequency.
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General Electric Company (Schenectady, NY) IDO
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US 5610490
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Ford Motor Co
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United States
torque; shudder; protection; device; method; induction; machine; flux; command; generator; supplying; steady; detector; status; including; negative; indicate; lack; positive; presence; adapter; supply; identical; limiter; receive; prevent; exceeding; predetermined; maximum; magnitude; field; oriented; controller; determining; critical; electrical; excitation; frequency; occurs; adjuster; monitor; adjust; monitored; reaching; torque shudder; electrical excitation; excitation frequency; flux command; induction machine; protection device; shudder protection; oriented controller; field oriented; /318/