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Title: Multiple-channel, total-reflection optic with controllable divergence

An apparatus and method for providing focused x-ray, gamma-ray, charged particle and neutral particle, including neutron, radiation beams with a controllable amount of divergence are disclosed. The apparatus features a novel use of a radiation blocking structure, which, when combined with multiple-channel total reflection optics, increases the versatility of the optics by providing user-controlled output-beam divergence.
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  1. (Voorheesville, NY)
  2. (Albany, NY)
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X-Ray Optical Systems, Inc. (Albany, NY) CHO
Patent Number(s):
US 5604353
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X-Ray Optical Systems, Inc., Albany, NY (United States)
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United States
multiple-channel; total-reflection; optic; controllable; divergence; apparatus; method; providing; focused; x-ray; gamma-ray; charged; particle; neutral; including; neutron; radiation; beams; amount; disclosed; features; novel; blocking; structure; combined; total; reflection; optics; increases; versatility; user-controlled; output-beam; neutral particle; charged particle; radiation beams; beam divergence; apparatus features; radiation beam; including neutron; focused x-ray; providing user; /250/378/