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Title: Starting apparatus for internal combustion engines

An internal combustion engine starting apparatus uses a signal from a curt sensor to determine when the engine is energized and the starter motor should be de-energized. One embodiment comprises a transmitter, receiver, computer processing unit, current sensor and relays to energize a starter motor and subsequently de-energize the same when the engine is running. Another embodiment comprises a switch, current transducer, low-pass filter, gain/comparator, relay and a plurality of switches to energize and de-energize a starter motor. Both embodiments contain an indicator lamp or speaker which alerts an operator as to whether a successful engine start has been achieved. Both embodiments also contain circuitry to protect the starter and to de-energize the engine.
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United States of America as represented by Department of Energy (Washington, DC) SRS
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US 5601058
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United States
starting; apparatus; internal; combustion; engines; engine; signal; curt; sensor; determine; energized; starter; motor; de-energized; embodiment; comprises; transmitter; receiver; computer; processing; unit; current; relays; energize; subsequently; de-energize; running; switch; transducer; low-pass; filter; comparator; relay; plurality; switches; embodiments; contain; indicator; lamp; speaker; alerts; operator; successful; start; achieved; circuitry; protect; embodiment comprises; processing unit; internal combustion; combustion engine; combustion engines; current sensor; pass filter; low-pass filter; starting apparatus; computer process; /123/290/