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Title: Substituted dipyrromethanes and their preparation

New chemical compounds, bis(pyrrol-2-yl)halocarbylmethanes, also known as meso-halocarbyl dipyrromethanes, are made by recting pyrrole in either of two reaction schemes. Once such scheme converts pyrrole through an intermediate, a halocarbyl carbonyl pyrrole, to a [2-(1-hydroxyl-1-hydro-1-halocarbyl)pyrrole], and then converts the latter to the desired halocarbyldipyrromethane; the last step in this scheme is a novel and useful method in itself. The other such sequence converts pyrrole, by reaction with a halocarbyl aldehyde, directly to the desired halocarbyl dipyrromethane.
  1. (Glen Mills, PA)
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Sun Company, Inc. (Philadelphia, PA) NETL
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US 5599948
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Sun Refining and Marketing Co., Marcus Hook, PA (United States)
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United States
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