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Title: Load apparatus and method for bolt-loaded compact tension test specimen

A bolt-loaded compact tension test specimen load apparatus includes: a) a body having first and second opposing longitudinal ends, the first end comprising an externally threaded portion sized to be threadedly received within the test specimen threaded opening; b) a longitudinal loading rod having first and second opposing longitudinal ends, the loading rod being slidably received in a longitudinal direction within the body internally through the externally threaded portion and slidably extending longitudinally outward of the body first longitudinal end; c) a force sensitive transducer slidably received within the body and positioned to engage relative to the loading rod second longitudinal end; and d) a loading bolt threadedly received relative to the body, the loading bolt having a bearing end surface and being positioned to bear against the transducer to forcibly sandwich the transducer between the loading bolt and loading rod. Also disclosed is a method of in situ determining applied force during crack propagation in a bolt-loaded compact tension test specimen.
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  1. (Idaho Falls, ID)
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Lockheed Idaho Technologies Company (Idaho Falls, ID) INEEL
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US 5598738
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AC07-94ID13223; AC07-76ID01570
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EG&G Idaho, Inc.; Lockheed Idaho Technologies Company
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United States
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