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Title: Acoustic well cleaner

A method and apparatus are disclosed for cleaning the wellbore and the near wellbore region. A sonde is provided which is adapted to be lowered into a borehole and which includes a plurality of acoustic transducers arranged around the sonde. Electrical power provided by a cable is converted to acoustic energy. The high intensity acoustic energy directed to the borehole wall and into the near wellbore region, redissolves or resuspends the material which is reducing the permeability of the formation and/or restricting flow in the wellbore.
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  1. (11904 Bell Ave., Austin, TX 78759-2415)
  2. (Dept. of Petroleum Engr. Univ. of Texas, Austin, TX 78712)
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Maki, Jr., Voldi E. (11904 Bell Ave., Austin, TX 78759-2415);Sharma, Mukul M. (Dept. of Petroleum Engr. Univ. of Texas, Austin, TX 78712) OSTI
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US 5595243
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United States
acoustic; cleaner; method; apparatus; disclosed; cleaning; wellbore; near; region; sonde; provided; adapted; lowered; borehole; plurality; transducers; arranged; electrical; power; cable; converted; energy; intensity; directed; wall; redissolves; resuspends; material; reducing; permeability; formation; restricting; flow; acoustic transducer; electrical power; acoustic energy; restricting flow; borehole wall; acoustic transducers; transducers arranged; energy directed; /166/