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Title: Method for detecting water equivalent of snow using secondary cosmic gamma radiation

Water equivalent of accumulated snow determination by measurement of secondary background cosmic radiation attenuation by the snowpack. By measuring the attentuation of 3-10 MeV secondary gamma radiation it is possible to determine the water equivalent of snowpack. The apparatus is designed to operate remotely to determine the water equivalent of snow in areas which are difficult or hazardous to access during winter, accumulate the data as a function of time and transmit, by means of an associated telemetry system, the accumulated data back to a central data collection point for analysis. The electronic circuitry is designed so that a battery pack can be used to supply power.
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Condreva, Kenneth J. (1420 Fifth St., Livermore, Alameda County, CA 94550) SNL
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US 5594250
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United States
method; detecting; water; equivalent; snow; secondary; cosmic; gamma; radiation; accumulated; determination; measurement; background; attenuation; snowpack; measuring; attentuation; 3-10; mev; determine; apparatus; designed; operate; remotely; difficult; hazardous; access; winter; accumulate; data; function; time; transmit; means; associated; telemetry; central; collection; analysis; electronic; circuitry; battery; pack; supply; power; electronic circuit; gamma radiation; electronic circuitry; data collection; radiation attenuation; water equivalent; battery pack; /250/