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Title: Oncoprotein protein kinase

An isolated polypeptide (JNK) characterized by having a molecular weight of 46kD as determined by reducing SDS-PAGE, having serine and threonine kinase activity, phosphorylating the c-Jun N-terminal activation domain and polynucleotide sequences and method of detection of JNK are provided herein. JNK phosphorylates c-Jun N-terminal activation domain which affects gene expression from AP-1 sites.
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  1. (2565 Chalcedony, San Diego, CA 92122)
  2. (7528 Charmant Dr., No. 418, San Diego, CA 92122)
  3. (8655 Via Mallorca Dr., Apt. 93, La Jolla, CA 92093)
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Karin; Michael (2565 Chalcedony, San Diego, CA 92122); Hibi; Masahiko (7528 Charmant Dr., No. 418, San Diego, CA 92122); Lin; Anning (8655 Via Mallorca Dr., Apt. 93, La Jolla, CA 92093) OAK
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US 5593884
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University of California
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United States
oncoprotein; protein; kinase; isolated; polypeptide; jnk; characterized; molecular; weight; 46kd; determined; reducing; sds-page; serine; threonine; activity; phosphorylating; c-jun; n-terminal; activation; domain; polynucleotide; sequences; method; detection; provided; phosphorylates; affects; expression; ap-1; sites; phosphorylates c-jun; oncoprotein protein; ap-1 sites; protein kinase; reducing sds-page; kinase activity; jnk phosphorylates; activation domain; nucleotide sequences; nucleotide sequence; n-terminal activation; c-jun n-terminal; molecular weight; isolated polypeptide; polynucleotide sequences; threonine kinase; protein protein; /435/999/