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Title: Testing of concrete by laser ablation

A method of testing concrete in a structure in situ, by: directing a succession of pulses of laser radiation at a point on the structure so that each pulse effects removal of a quantity of concrete and transfers energy to the concrete; detecting a characteristic of energy which has been transferred to the concrete; determining, separately from the detecting step, the total quantity of concrete removed by the succession of pulses; and calculating a property of the concrete on the basis of the detected energy characteristic and the determined total quantity of concrete removed.
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  1. (Benton City, WA)
  2. (Kennewick, WA)
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Westinghouse Hanford Company (Richland, WA) RLO
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US 5592283
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Westinghouse Hanford Co
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United States
testing; concrete; laser; ablation; method; structure; situ; directing; succession; pulses; radiation; pulse; effects; removal; quantity; transfers; energy; detecting; characteristic; transferred; determining; separately; step; total; removed; calculating; property; basis; detected; determined; laser radiation; laser ablation; total quantity; /356/73/