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Title: Carbonate fuel cell matrix

A carbonate fuel cell matrix comprising support particles and crack attenuator particles which are made platelet in shape to increase the resistance of the matrix to through cracking. Also disclosed is a matrix having porous crack attenuator particles and a matrix whose crack attenuator particles have a thermal coefficient of expansion which is significantly different from that of the support particles, and a method of making platelet-shaped crack attenuator particles.
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Energy Research Corporation (Danbury, CT) ORO
Patent Number(s):
US 5580673
Contract Number:
AC21-90MC27168; FG05-93ER81512
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Energy Research Corporation (Danbury, CT)
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United States
carbonate; fuel; cell; matrix; comprising; support; particles; crack; attenuator; platelet; shape; increase; resistance; cracking; disclosed; porous; thermal; coefficient; expansion; significantly; method; platelet-shaped; fuel cell; carbonate fuel; thermal coefficient; matrix comprising; support particles; cell matrix; comprising support; support particle; /429/29/423/