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Title: Determining resistivity of a formation adjacent to a borehole having casing using multiple electrodes and with resistances being defined between the electrodes

Methods of operation of different types of multiple electrode apparatus vertically disposed in a cased well to measure information related to the resistivity of adjacent geological formations from inside the cased well. The multiple electrode apparatus have a minimum of three spaced apart voltage measurement electrodes that electrically engage the interior of the cased well. Measurement information is obtained related to current which is caused to flow from the cased well into the adjacent geological formation. First compensation information is obtained related to a first casing resistance between a first pair of the spaced apart voltage measurement electrodes. Second compensation information is obtained related to a second casing resistance between a second pair of the spaced apart voltage measurement electrodes. The measurement information, and first and second compensation information are used to determine a magnitude related to the adjacent formation resistivity.
  1. (Bothell, WA)
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Paramagnetic Logging, Inc. (Woodinville, WA) RLO
Patent Number(s):
US 5570024
Contract Number:
FG06-84ER13294; FG22-88BC14243; FG22-90BC14617; FG22-93BC14966
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ParaMagnetic Logging, Inc. (Bothell, WA)
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USDOE Office of Science (SC)
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United States
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