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Title: Simulation of pyroshock environments using a tunable resonant fixture

Disclosed are a method and apparatus for simulating pyrotechnic shock for the purpose of qualifying electronic components for use in weapons, satellite, and aerospace applications. According to the invention, a single resonant bar fixture has an adjustable resonant frequency in order to exhibit a desired shock response spectrum upon mechanical impact. The invention eliminates the need for availability of a large number of different fixtures, capable of exhibiting a range of shock response characteristics, in favor of a single tunable system.
  1. (Cedar Crest, NM)
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United States of America as represented by United States (Washington, DC) SNL
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US 5565626
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United States
simulation; pyroshock; environments; tunable; resonant; fixture; disclosed; method; apparatus; simulating; pyrotechnic; shock; purpose; qualifying; electronic; components; weapons; satellite; aerospace; applications; according; single; bar; adjustable; frequency; exhibit; desired; response; spectrum; mechanical; impact; eliminates; availability; fixtures; capable; exhibiting; range; characteristics; favor; space applications; resonant frequency; electronic components; single tunable; response spectrum; mechanical impact; tunable resonant; response characteristic; /73/

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