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Title: Split ring containment attachment device

A containment attachment device 10 for operatively connecting a glovebag 200 to plastic sheeting 100 covering hazardous material. The device 10 includes an inner split ring member 20 connected on one end 22 to a middle ring member 30 wherein the free end 21 of the split ring member 20 is inserted through a slit 101 in the plastic sheeting 100 to captively engage a generally circular portion of the plastic sheeting 100. A collar potion 41 having an outer ring portion 42 is provided with fastening means 51 for securing the device 10 together wherein the glovebag 200 is operatively connected to the collar portion 41.
  1. (Pittsburgh, PA)
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United States of America as represented by United States (Washington, DC) OSTI
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US 5562593
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United States
split; containment; attachment; device; 10; operatively; connecting; glovebag; 200; plastic; sheeting; 100; covering; hazardous; material; inner; 20; connected; 22; middle; 30; free; 21; inserted; slit; 101; captively; engage; circular; portion; collar; potion; 41; outer; 42; provided; fastening; means; 51; securing; attachment device; hazardous material; operatively connected; containment attachment; /588/312/