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Title: Scintillation probe with photomultiplier tube saturation indicator

A photomultiplier tube saturation indicator is formed by supplying a supplemental light source, typically an light emitting diode (LED), adjacent to the photomultiplier tube. A switch allows the light source to be activated. The light is forwarded to the photomultiplier tube by an optical fiber. If the probe is properly light tight, then a meter attached to the indicator will register the light from the LED. If the probe is no longer light tight, and the saturation indicator is saturated, no signal will be registered when the LED is activated.
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  1. (Bethel Park, PA)
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United States of America as represented by United States (Washington, DC) OSTI
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US 5561286
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United States
scintillation; probe; photomultiplier; tube; saturation; indicator; formed; supplying; supplemental; light; source; typically; emitting; diode; led; adjacent; switch; allows; activated; forwarded; optical; fiber; properly; tight; meter; attached; register; saturated; signal; registered; emitting diode; light source; optical fiber; photomultiplier tube; light emitting; saturation indicator; tube saturation; multiplier tube; /250/

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