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Title: Nonimaging radiant energy device

A nonimaging radiant energy device may include a hyperbolically shaped reflective element with a radiant energy inlet and a radiant energy outlet. A convex lens is provided at the radiant energy inlet and a concave lens is provided at the radiant energy outlet. Due to the provision of the lenses and the shape of the walls of the reflective element, the radiant energy incident at the radiant energy inlet within a predetermined angle of acceptance is emitted from the radiant energy outlet exclusively within an acute exit angle. In another embodiment, the radiant energy device may include two interconnected hyperbolically shaped reflective elements with a respective convex lens being provided at each aperture of the device.
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Argonne National Laboratory; University of Chicago Development (Chicago, IL) [*] Notice: portion of term of this patent subsequent to September 7, 2010 has been disclaimed. ANL
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US 5557478
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Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), Argonne, IL
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United States
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