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Title: Apparatus for and method of correcting for aberrations in a light beam

A technique for adjustably correcting for aberrations in a light beam is disclosed herein. This technique utilizes first means which defines a flat, circular light reflecting surface having opposite reinforced circumferential edges and a central post and which is resiliently distortable, to a limited extent, into different concave and/or convex curvatures, which may be Gaussian-like, about the central axis, and second means acting on the first means for adjustably distorting the light reflecting surface into a particular selected one of the different curvatures depending upon the aberrations to be corrected for and for fixedly maintaining the curvature selected. In the embodiment disclosed, the light reflecting surface is adjustably distorted into the selected curvature by application of particular axial moments to the central post on the opposite side from the light reflecting surface and lateral moments to the circumference of the reflecting surface.
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United States of America as represented by United States (Washington, DC) LBNL
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US 5557477
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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Berkeley, CA
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United States
apparatus; method; correcting; aberrations; light; beam; technique; adjustably; disclosed; utilizes; means; defines; flat; circular; reflecting; surface; opposite; reinforced; circumferential; edges; central; post; resiliently; distortable; limited; extent; concave; convex; curvatures; gaussian-like; axis; acting; distorting; particular; selected; depending; corrected; fixedly; maintaining; curvature; embodiment; distorted; application; axial; moments; lateral; circumference; means acting; central axis; light beam; reflecting surface; light reflecting; technique utilizes; limited extent; adjustably correcting; /359/