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Title: Ceramic membranes having macroscopic channels

Methods have been developed to make porous ceramic membranes having macroscopic channels therethrough. The novel membranes are formed by temporarily supporting the sol-gel membrane precursor on an organic support which is ultimately removed from the interior of the membrane, preferably by pyrolysis or by chemical destruction. The organic support may also include an inorganic metal portion that remains on destruction of the organic portion, providing structural support and/or chemical reactivity to the membrane. The channels formed when the organic support is destroyed provide the ability to withdraw small catalytic products or size-separated molecules from the metal oxide membrane. In addition, the channel-containing membranes retain all of the advantages of existing porous ceramic membranes.
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  1. (Madison, WI)
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Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (Madison, WI) IDO
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US 5552351
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AS07-86ID12626; FG07-91ID13062
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University of Wisconsin
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United States
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