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Title: Recombinant HT.sub.m4 gene, protein and assays

The invention relates to a recombinant DNA molecule which encodes a HT.sub.m4 protein, a transformed host cell which has been stably transfected with a DNA molecule which encodes a HT.sub.m4 protein and a recombinant HT.sub.m4 protein. The invention also relates to a method for detecting the presence of a hereditary atopy.
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  1. (Dorcester, MA)
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  3. (Toulouse, FR)
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Beth Israel Hospital Boston (Boston, MA) CHO
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US 5552312
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Univ. of Chicago, IL (United States)
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United States
recombinant; m4; protein; assays; relates; dna; molecule; encodes; transformed; host; cell; stably; transfected; method; detecting; presence; hereditary; atopy; recombinant dna; m4 protein; host cell; dna molecule; stably transfected; transformed host; hereditary atopy; /435/999/