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Title: Method and apparatus for extruding large honeycombs

Extrusion die apparatus and an extrusion method for extruding large-cross-section honeycomb structures from plasticized ceramic batch materials are described, the apparatus comprising a die having a support rod connected to its central portion, the support rod being anchored to support means upstream of the die. The support rod and support means act to limit die distortion during extrusion, reducing die strain and stress to levels permitting large honeycomb extrusion without die failure. Dies of optimal thickness are disclosed which reduce the maximum stresses exerted on the die during extrusion.
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Corning Incorporated (Corning, NY) OSTI
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US 5552102
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DEN3-336; AC02-96EE50453
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United States
method; apparatus; extruding; honeycombs; extrusion; die; large-cross-section; honeycomb; structures; plasticized; ceramic; batch; materials; described; comprising; support; rod; connected; central; portion; anchored; means; upstream; limit; distortion; reducing; strain; stress; levels; permitting; failure; dies; optimal; thickness; disclosed; reduce; maximum; stresses; exerted; support rod; extrusion die; honeycomb structure; support means; central portion; apparatus comprising; batch materials; die apparatus; comb structure; /264/425/