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Title: Susceptor for EFG crystal growth apparatus

An improved susceptor for a crucible/die assembly for growing tubular crystalline structures by the EFG process is provided. The crucible/die assembly comprises a die having a substantially polygonally-shaped top end surface for supporting a film of silicon feed material that is replenished from a melt in the crucible through capillary action. A hollow crystalline body is grown from the film of silicon material on the top end surface of the die. The heat susceptor is made of graphite or similar material, and has a peripheral configuration similar to that of the die. Further, the upper surface of the heat susceptor has a central land and a plurality of circumferentially-spaced upwardly extending projections. The central land thermally contacts a central portion of the lower surface of the crucible/die, and the projections thermally contact the lower surface of the crucible/die at its corners, whereby a temperature distribution is provided that permits growth of hollow bodies having more nearly constant thickness walls.
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ASE Americas, Inc. (Billerica, MA) OSTI
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US 5551977
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United States
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