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Title: Method for separating contaminants from solution employing an organic-stabilized metal-hydroxy gel

Metals and organics are extracted from solution by co-precipitating them with a gel comprising aluminum hydroxide and a complexing agent such as EDTA. After the gel is processed to remove the metals and organics, it can be recycled for further use by dissolving it in a high-pH solution, leaving no secondary waste stream. A number of alternative complexing agents perform better than EDTA.
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Alexander, Donald H. (212 High Meadows, Richland, WA 99352) OSTI
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US 5547583
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United States
method; separating; contaminants; solution; employing; organic-stabilized; metal-hydroxy; metals; organics; extracted; co-precipitating; comprising; aluminum; hydroxide; complexing; agent; edta; processed; remove; recycled; dissolving; high-ph; leaving; secondary; waste; stream; alternative; agents; perform; complexing agents; waste stream; complexing agent; aluminum hydroxide; comprising aluminum; secondary waste; /210/