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Title: Fuel combustion exhibiting low NO.sub.x and CO levels

Method and apparatus for safely combusting a fuel in such manner that very low levels of NO.sub.x and CO are produced. The apparatus comprises an inlet line (12) containing a fuel and an inlet line (18) containing an oxidant. Coupled to the fuel line (12) and to the oxidant line (18) is a mixing means (11,29,33,40) for thoroughly mixing the fuel and the oxidant without combusting them. Coupled to the mixing means (11,29,33,40) is a means for injecting the mixed fuel and oxidant, in the form of a large-scale fluid dynamic structure (8), into a combustion region (2). Coupled to the combustion region (2) is a means (1,29,33) for producing a periodic flow field within the combustion region (2) to mix the fuel and the oxidant with ambient gases in order to lower the temperature of combustion. The means for producing a periodic flow field can be a pulse combustor (1), a rotating band (29), or a rotating cylinder (33) within an acoustic chamber (32) positioned upstream or downstream of the region (2) of combustion. The mixing means can be a one-way flapper valve (11); a rotating cylinder (33); a rotating band (29) having slots (31) that expose open endsmore » (20,21) of said fuel inlet line (12) and said oxidant inlet line (18) simultaneously; or a set of coaxial fuel annuli (43) and oxidizer annuli (42,44). The means for producing a periodic flow field (1, 29, 33) may or may not be in communication with an acoustic resonance. When employed, the acoustic resonance may be upstream or downstream of the region of combustion (2).« less
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  1. (3534 Brunell Dr., Oakland, CA 94602)
  2. (2105 Canyon Lakes Dr., San Ramon, CA 94583)
  3. (294 Joyce St., Livermore, CA 94550)
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Keller, Jay O. (3534 Brunell Dr., Oakland, CA 94602);Bramlette, T. Tazwell (2105 Canyon Lakes Dr., San Ramon, CA 94583);Barr, Pamela K. (294 Joyce St., Livermore, CA 94550) SNL
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US 5540583
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United States
fuel; combustion; exhibiting; levels; method; apparatus; safely; combusting; manner; produced; comprises; inlet; line; 12; containing; 18; oxidant; coupled; mixing; means; 11; 29; 33; 40; thoroughly; injecting; mixed; form; large-scale; fluid; dynamic; structure; region; producing; periodic; flow; field; mix; ambient; gases; temperature; pulse; combustor; rotating; band; cylinder; acoustic; chamber; 32; positioned; upstream; downstream; one-way; flapper; valve; slots; 31; expose; 20; 21; simultaneously; set; coaxial; annuli; 43; oxidizer; 42; 44; communication; resonance; employed; inlet line; oxidant inlet; acoustic resonance; fuel inlet; flow field; apparatus comprises; fuel combustion; pulse combustor; apparatus comprise; fluid dynamic; mixed fuel; thoroughly mix; ambient gas; /431/