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Title: Electrolyte materials containing highly dissociated metal ion salts

The present invention relates to metal ion salts which can be used in electrolytes for producing electrochemical devices, including both primary and secondary batteries, photoelectrochemical cells and electrochromic displays. The salts have a low energy of dissociation and may be dissolved in a suitable polymer to produce a polymer solid electrolyte or in a polar aprotic liquid solvent to produce a liquid electrolyte. The anion of the salts may be covalently attached to polymer backbones to produce polymer solid electrolytes with exclusive cation conductivity.
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Moltech Corporation (Tucson, AZ) BNL
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US 5538812
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United States
electrolyte; materials; containing; highly; dissociated; metal; salts; relates; electrolytes; producing; electrochemical; devices; including; primary; secondary; batteries; photoelectrochemical; cells; electrochromic; displays; energy; dissociation; dissolved; suitable; polymer; produce; solid; polar; aprotic; liquid; solvent; anion; covalently; attached; backbones; exclusive; cation; conductivity; photoelectrochemical cells; secondary batteries; photoelectrochemical cell; solid electrolytes; materials containing; electrochemical devices; electrochemical cells; electrochemical cell; solid electrolyte; liquid solvent; electrochemical device; liquid electrolyte; polymer backbone; electrolyte material; covalently attached; electrolyte materials; produce polymer; containing highly; /429/999/

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