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Title: Apparatus and method for polymer synthesis using arrays

A polymer synthesis apparatus (20) for building a polymer chain including a head assembly (21) having an array of nozzles (22) with each nozzle coupled to a reservoir (23) of liquid reagent (24), and a base assembly (25) having an array of reaction wells (26). A transport mechanism (27) aligns the reaction wells (26) and selected nozzles (22) for deposition of the liquid reagent (24) into selected reaction wells (26). A sliding seal (30) is positioned between the head assembly (21) and the base assembly (25) to form a common chamber (31) enclosing both the reaction well (26) and the nozzles (22) therein. A gas inlet (70) into the common chamber (31), upstream from the nozzles (22), and a gas outlet (71) out of the common chamber (31), downstream from the nozzles (22), sweeps the common chamber (31) of toxic fumes emitted by the reagents. Each reaction well ( 26) includes an orifice (74) extending into the well (26) which is of a size and dimension to form a capillary liquid seal to retain the reagent solution (76) in the well (26) for polymer chain growth therein. A pressure regulating device (82 ) is provided for controlling a pressure differential,more » between a first gas pressure exerted on the reaction well (26) and a second gas pressure exerted on an exit (80) of the orifice, such that upon the pressure differential exceeding a predetermined amount, the reagent solution (76) is expelled from the well (26) through the orifice (74). A method of synthesis of a polymer chain in a synthesis apparatus (20) is also included.« less
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Board of Trustees of Leland Stanford Junior University (Palo Alto, CA) SNL
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US 5529756
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DOE LBL 4437-10
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Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), Albuquerque, NM, and Livermore, CA
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United States
apparatus; method; polymer; synthesis; arrays; 20; building; chain; including; head; assembly; 21; array; nozzles; 22; nozzle; coupled; reservoir; 23; liquid; reagent; 24; base; 25; reaction; 26; transport; mechanism; 27; aligns; selected; deposition; sliding; seal; 30; positioned; form; common; chamber; 31; enclosing; therein; gas; inlet; 70; upstream; outlet; 71; downstream; sweeps; toxic; fumes; emitted; reagents; orifice; 74; extending; size; dimension; capillary; retain; solution; 76; growth; pressure; regulating; device; 82; provided; controlling; differential; exerted; exit; 80; exceeding; predetermined; amount; expelled; included; selected reaction; transport mechanism; liquid seal; polymer synthesis; pressure regulating; liquid reagent; regulating device; synthesis apparatus; head assembly; gas outlet; gas inlet; pressure differential; gas pressure; reagent solution; common chamber; polymer chain; predetermined amount; pressure exerted; chain growth; capillary liquid; nozzle coupled; chain including; growth therein; /422/