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Title: System for remotely servicing a top loading captive ball valve

An attachment for facilitating servicing of a valve, the valve including: an assembly composed of a valve seat defining a flow path, a flow control member movable relative to the valve seat for blocking or unblocking the valve seat, and a control device including a stem coupled to the flow control member and operable for moving the flow control member relative to the valve seat; a housing for receiving the assembly, the housing having an opening via which the assembly can be removed from, and installed in, the housing, and the housing having a plurality of threaded studs which surround the opening and project away from the housing; a valve housing cover for closing and sealing the opening in the housing, the cover having a first bore for passage of the stem of the control device when the assembly is installed in the housing and a plurality of second bores each located for passage of a respective stud when the cover closes the opening in the housing. A plurality of threaded nuts are engageable with the studs for securing the cover to the housing when the cover closes the opening in the housing, wherein the attachment comprises: a plurality ofmore » nut guide devices removable from the housing and each operatively associated with a respective stud for retaining a respective nut and guiding the respective nut into alignment with the respective stud to enable the respective nut to be rotated into engagement with the respective stud; and aligning the nut guide devices with the studs.« less
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  1. (Idaho Falls, ID)
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Lockheed Idaho Technologies Company (Idaho Falls, ID) INEEL
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US 5529087
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United States
remotely; servicing; top; loading; captive; ball; valve; attachment; facilitating; including; assembly; composed; seat; defining; flow; path; control; movable; relative; blocking; unblocking; device; coupled; operable; moving; housing; receiving; via; removed; installed; plurality; threaded; studs; surround; cover; closing; sealing; bore; passage; bores; located; respective; stud; closes; nuts; engageable; securing; comprises; nut; guide; devices; removable; operatively; associated; retaining; guiding; alignment; enable; rotated; engagement; aligning; valve housing; valve seat; flow control; control device; flow path; device including; movable relative; operatively associated; ball valve; guide devices; /137/251/