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Title: Advanced wind turbine with lift cancelling aileron for shutdown

An advanced aileron configuration for wind turbine rotors featuring an independent, lift generating aileron connected to the rotor blade. The aileron has an airfoil profile which is inverted relative to the airfoil profile of the main section of the rotor blade. The inverted airfoil profile of the aileron allows the aileron to be used for strong positive control of the rotation of the rotor while deflected to angles within a control range of angles. The aileron functions as a separate, lift generating body when deflected to angles within a shutdown range of angles, generating lift with a component acting in the direction opposite the direction of rotation of the rotor. Thus, the aileron can be used to shut down rotation of the rotor. The profile of the aileron further allows the center of rotation to be located within the envelope of the aileron, at or near the centers of pressure and mass of the aileron. The location of the center of rotation optimizes aerodynamically and gyroscopically induced hinge moments and provides a fail safe configuration.
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  1. (Warren, VT)
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OSTI Identifier:
Northern Power Systems, Inc. (Moretown, VT) NREL
Patent Number(s):
US 5527152
Application Number:
US patent applicaiton 08/206,867
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Research Org:
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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United States
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