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Title: Pulsed ion beam source

An improved magnetically-confined anode plasma pulsed ion beam source. Beam rotation effects and power efficiency are improved by a magnetic design which places the separatrix between the fast field flux structure and the slow field structure near the anode of the ion beam source, by a gas port design which localizes the gas delivery into the gap between the fast coil and the anode, by a pre-ionizer ringing circuit connected to the fast coil, and by a bias field means which optimally adjusts the plasma formation position in the ion beam source.
  1. (Lansing, NY)
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Sandia Corporation (Albuquerque, NM) SNL
Patent Number(s):
US 5525805
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United States
pulsed; beam; source; improved; magnetically-confined; anode; plasma; rotation; effects; power; efficiency; magnetic; design; separatrix; fast; field; flux; structure; slow; near; gas; localizes; delivery; gap; coil; pre-ionizer; ringing; circuit; connected; bias; means; optimally; adjusts; formation; position; circuit connected; beam source; gas delivery; field flux; bias field; power efficiency; plasma formation; field means; improved magnetic; fast coil; /250/315/

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