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Title: Apparatus and method for microwave processing of materials

A variable frequency microwave heating apparatus (10) designed to allow modulation of the frequency of the microwaves introduced into a furnace cavity (34) for testing or other selected applications. The variable frequency heating apparatus (10) is used in the method of the present invention to monitor the resonant processing frequency within the furnace cavity (34) depending upon the material, including the state thereof, from which the workpiece (36) is fabricated. The variable frequency microwave heating apparatus (10) includes a microwave signal generator (12) and a high-power microwave amplifier (20) or a microwave voltage-controlled oscillator (14). A power supply (22) is provided for operation of the high-power microwave oscillator (14) or microwave amplifier (20). A directional coupler (24) is provided for detecting the direction and amplitude of signals incident upon and reflected from the microwave cavity (34). A first power meter (30) is provided for measuring the power delivered to the microwave furnace (32). A second power meter (26) detects the magnitude of reflected power. Reflected power is dissipated in the reflected power load (28).
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Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc. (Oak Ridge, TN) ORNL
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US 5521360
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United States
apparatus; method; microwave; processing; materials; variable; frequency; heating; 10; designed; allow; modulation; microwaves; introduced; furnace; cavity; 34; testing; selected; applications; monitor; resonant; depending; material; including; workpiece; 36; fabricated; signal; generator; 12; high-power; amplifier; 20; voltage-controlled; oscillator; 14; power; supply; 22; provided; operation; directional; coupler; 24; detecting; direction; amplitude; signals; incident; reflected; meter; 30; measuring; delivered; 32; 26; detects; magnitude; dissipated; load; 28; high-power microwave; furnace cavity; microwaves introduced; allow modulation; power load; directional coupler; microwave signal; frequency microwave; variable frequency; power supply; microwave cavity; signal generator; microwave heating; power meter; power delivered; microwave amplifier; reflected power; heating apparatus; microwave furnace; power microwave; wave signal; selected applications; microwave oscillator; microwave processing; microwave process; wave cavity; controlled oscillator; /219/