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Title: Limonene and tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol cleaning agent

The present invention is a tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol and limonene or terpineol cleaning agent and method for formulating and/or using the cleaning agent. This cleaning agent effectively removes both polar and nonpolar contaminants from various electrical and mechanical parts and is readily used without surfactants, thereby reducing the need for additional cleaning operations. The cleaning agent is warm water rinsable without the use of surfactants. The cleaning agent can be azeotropic, enhancing ease of use in cleaning operations and ease of recycling.
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AlliedSignal Inc. (Morristown, NJ) KCP
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US 5514294
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Kansas City Plant (KCP), Kansas City, MO (United States)
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United States
limonene; tetrahydrofurfuryl; alcohol; cleaning; agent; terpineol; method; formulating; effectively; removes; polar; nonpolar; contaminants; various; electrical; mechanical; readily; surfactants; reducing; additional; operations; warm; water; rinsable; azeotropic; enhancing; ease; recycling; warm water; cleaning operations; agent effective; cleaning agent; tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol; various electrical; furfuryl alcohol; effectively removes; cleaning operation; alcohol cleaning; agent effectively; effectively remove; /510/134/252/