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Title: Single step signal group-imidazole labeling of organic phosphate groups under aqueous conditions

Compounds and methods for single step, covalent labeling of the phosphate group of an organic substance under aqueous conditions are described. The labeling compound includes any kind of detectable signal group covalently bound to an imidazole moiety, which can be imidazole or a substituted imidazole. A preferred labeling compound has the formula ##STR1##
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  1. (Quincy, MA)
  2. (Medford, MA)
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Northeastern University (Boston, MA) CHO
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US 5512486
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Northeastern University (Boston, MA)
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United States
single; step; signal; group-imidazole; labeling; organic; phosphate; aqueous; conditions; compounds; methods; covalent; substance; described; compound; detectable; covalently; bound; imidazole; moiety; substituted; preferred; formula; str1; covalently bound; single step; organic phosphate; organic substance; aqueous conditions; /436/999/