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Title: Lox breathing system with gas permeable-liquid impermeable heat exchange and delivery hose

Life support apparatus composed of: a garment (2): for completely enclosing a wearer and constructed for preventing passage of gas from the environment surrounding the garment (2); a portable receptacle (6) holding a quantity of an oxygen-containing fluid in liquid state, the fluid being in a breathable gaseous; state when at standard temperature and pressure; a fluid flow member (16) secured within the garment (2) and coupled to the receptacle (6) for conducting the fluid in liquid state from the receptacle (6) to the interior of the garment (2); and a fluid flow control device (14) connected for causing fluid to flow from the receptacle (6) to the fluid flow member (16) at a rate determined by the breathable air requirement of the wearer, wherein fluid in liquid state is conducted into the interior of the garment (2) at a rate to be vaporized and heated to a breathable temperature by body heat produced by the wearer.
  1. (Richland, WA)
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Westinghouse Electric Corporation (Pittsburgh, PA) RLO
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US 5511542
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Westinghouse Hanford Co
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United States
lox; breathing; gas; permeable-liquid; impermeable; heat; exchange; delivery; life; support; apparatus; composed; garment; completely; enclosing; wearer; constructed; preventing; passage; environment; surrounding; portable; receptacle; holding; quantity; oxygen-containing; fluid; liquid; breathable; gaseous; standard; temperature; pressure; flow; 16; secured; coupled; conducting; interior; control; device; 14; connected; causing; rate; determined; air; requirement; conducted; vaporized; heated; produced; standard temperature; heat produced; flow control; control device; heat exchange; fluid flow; gas permeable; support apparatus; containing fluid; environment surrounding; breathable gas; /128/62/