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Title: Gas-path leakage seal for a gas turbine

A gas-path leakage seal for generally sealing a gas-path leakage-gap between spaced-apart first and second members of a gas turbine (such as combustor casing segments). The seal includes a generally imperforate foil-layer assemblage which is generally impervious to gas and is located in the leakage-gap. The seal also includes a cloth-layer assemblage generally enclosingly contacting the foil-layer assemblage. In one seal, the first edge of the foil-layer assemblage is left exposed, and the foil-layer assemblage resiliently contacts the first member near the first edge to reduce leakage in the "plane" of the cloth-layer assemblage under conditions which include differential thermal growth of the two members. In another seal, such leakage is reduced by having a first weld-bead which permeates the cloth-layer assemblage, is attached to the metal-foil-layer assemblage near the first edge, and unattachedly contacts the first member.
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  1. (Schenectady, NY)
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General Electric Company (Schenectady, NY) NETL
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US 5509669
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United States
gas-path; leakage; seal; gas; turbine; sealing; leakage-gap; spaced-apart; combustor; casing; segments; imperforate; foil-layer; assemblage; impervious; located; cloth-layer; enclosingly; contacting; edge; left; exposed; resiliently; contacts; near; reduce; plane; conditions; differential; thermal; growth; reduced; weld-bead; permeates; attached; metal-foil-layer; unattachedly; thermal growth; differential thermal; gas turbine; gas-path leakage; combustor casing; leakage seal; gas-path leakage-gap; casing segments; /277/415/