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Title: Wide band stepped frequency ground penetrating radar

A wide band ground penetrating radar system (10) embodying a method wherein a series of radio frequency signals (60) is produced by a single radio frequency source (16) and provided to a transmit antenna (26) for transmission to a target (54) and reflection therefrom to a receive antenna (28). A phase modulator (18) modulates those portion of the radio frequency signals (62) to be transmitted and the reflected modulated signal (62) is combined in a mixer (34) with the original radio frequency signal (60) to produce a resultant signal (53) which is demodulated to produce a series of direct current voltage signals (66) the envelope of which forms a cosine wave shaped plot (68) which is processed by a Fast Fourier Transform unit 44 into frequency domain data (70) wherein the position of a preponderant frequency is indicative of distance to the target (54) and magnitude is indicative of the signature of the target (54).
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  1. (Buellton, CA)
  2. (Santa Maria, CA)
  3. (Ventura, CA)
  4. (Santa Barbara, CA)
  5. (Goleta, CA)
  6. (Alexandria, VA)
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EG&G Energy Measurements, Inc. (Las Vegas, NV) INEEL
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US 5499029
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United States
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