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Title: Composite hydrogen separation element and module

There are disclosed improvements in multicomponent composite metal membranes useful for the separation of hydrogen, the improvements comprising the provision of a flexible porous intermediate layer between a support layer and a nonporous hydrogen-permeable coating metal layer, and the provision of a textured coating metal layer.
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Bend Research, Inc. (Bend, OR) OAK
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US 5498278
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FG03-91ER81228; FG03-91ER81229
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Bend Research, Inc. (Bend, OR)
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United States
composite; hydrogen; separation; element; module; disclosed; improvements; multicomponent; metal; membranes; useful; comprising; provision; flexible; porous; intermediate; layer; support; nonporous; hydrogen-permeable; coating; textured; coating metal; membranes useful; composite metal; metal layer; intermediate layer; support layer; metal membrane; separation element; metal membranes; hydrogen separation; multicomponent composite; composite hydrogen; improvements comprising; disclosed improvements; /96/55/95/