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Title: Metal-bonded, carbon fiber-reinforced composites

Metal bonded carbon fiber-reinforced composites are disclosed in which the metal and the composite are strongly bound by (1) providing a matrix-depleted zone in the composite of sufficient depth to provide a binding site for the metal to be bonded and then (2) infiltrating the metal into the matrix-free zone to fill a substantial portion of the zone and also provide a surface layer of metal, thereby forming a strong bond between the composite and the metal. The invention also includes the metal-bound composite itself, as well as the provision of a coating over the metal for high-temperature performance or for joining to other such composites or to other substrates.
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Surmet Corporation (Burlington, MA); Castle Technology Corporation (Lexington, MA) CHO
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US 5495979
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SURMET Corp., Burlington, MA (United States)
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United States
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