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Title: One dimensional wavefront distortion sensor comprising a lens array system

A 1-dimensional sensor for measuring wavefront distortion of a light beam as a function of time and spatial position includes a lens system which incorporates a linear array of lenses, and a detector system which incorporates a linear array of light detectors positioned from the lens system so that light passing through any of the lenses is focused on at least one of the light detectors. The 1-dimensional sensor determines the slope of the wavefront by location of the detectors illuminated by the light. The 1 dimensional sensor has much greater bandwidth that 2 dimensional systems.
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Sandia Corporation (Albuquerque, NM) SNL
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US 5493391
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United States
dimensional; wavefront; distortion; sensor; comprising; lens; array; 1-dimensional; measuring; light; beam; function; time; spatial; position; incorporates; linear; lenses; detector; detectors; positioned; passing; focused; determines; slope; location; illuminated; bandwidth; systems; spatial position; sensor comprising; light detectors; linear array; light beam; light detector; light passing; wavefront distortion; detectors positioned; lens array; /356/250/