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Title: Ultra low thermal expansion, highly thermal shock resistant ceramic

Three families of ceramic compositions having the given formula: .phi..sub.1+X Zr.sub.4 P.sub.6-2X Si.sub.2X O.sub.24, .phi..sub.1+X Zr.sub.4-2X Y.sub.2X P.sub.6 O.sub.24 and .phi..sub.1+X Zr.sub.4-X Y.sub.X P.sub.6-2X Si.sub.X O.sub.24 wherein .phi. is either Strontium or Barium and X has a value from about 0.2 to about 0.8 have been disclosed. Ceramics formed from these compositions exhibit very low, generally near neutral, thermal expansion over a wide range of elevated temperatures.
  1. (1440 Sandpiper Cir. #38, Salt Lake City, UT 84117)
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Limaye, Santosh Y. (1440 Sandpiper Cir. #38, Salt Lake City, UT 84117) ORO
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US 5488018
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Cerametic Inc
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United States
ultra; thermal; expansion; highly; shock; resistant; ceramic; families; compositions; formula; phi; zr; 6-2x; 2x; 24; 4-2x; 4-x; strontium; barium; value; disclosed; ceramics; formed; exhibit; near; neutral; wide; range; elevated; temperatures; thermal shock; ceramic composition; elevated temperatures; thermal expansion; elevated temperature; wide range; resistant ceramic; ceramic compositions; ceramics form; shock resistant; /501/423/