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Title: Molecular assemblies as protective barriers and adhesion promotion interlayer

A protective diffusion barrier having adhesive qualifies for metalized surfaces is provided by a passivating agent having the formula HS--(CH.sub.2).sub.11 --COOH Which forms a very dense, transparent organized molecular assembly or layer that is impervious to water, alkali, and other impurities and corrosive substances that typically attack metal surfaces.
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Midwest Research Institute (Kansas City, MO) CHO
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US 5487792
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Midwest Research Institute (Kansas City, MO)
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United States
molecular; assemblies; protective; barriers; adhesion; promotion; interlayer; diffusion; barrier; adhesive; qualifies; metalized; surfaces; provided; passivating; agent; formula; hs-; 11; -cooh; forms; dense; transparent; organized; assembly; layer; impervious; water; alkali; impurities; corrosive; substances; typically; attack; metal; diffusion barrier; metal surface; metal surfaces; protective diffusion; typically attack; protective barrier; protective barriers; corrosive substances; /136/106/148/359/427/428/438/