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Title: Flexture plate motion-transfer mechanism, beam-splitter assembly, and interferometer incorporating the same

A multiplicity of one-piece flexure plates are assembled in pairs to provide a support system on which a retroreflector may be mounted for reciprocal motion. Combined with balance bodies, the flexure plates provide a support system having portions that are dynamically and statically balanced with one another, irrespective of orientation, so as to thereby immunize the unit against extraneous forces. The motion transfer assembly is especially adapted for use to support a moving retroreflector in a two-arm interferometer that may further include a beamsplitter assembly constructed from a one-piece, integrally formed body, the body having convergent, optically flat planar surfaces of specular reflectance, and means for adjustably mounting a beamsplitter therein. The spectrometer is of modular construction, and employs an integrated clocking sub-assembly as well as a light-weight voice-coil motor.
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  1. (Glastonbury, CT)
  2. (Farmington, CT)
  3. (South Windsor, CT)
  4. (Winchester, MA)
  5. (West Hartford, CT)
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On-Line Technologies Inc (East Hartford, CT) ORO
Patent Number(s):
US 5486917
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Advanced Fuel Research, Inc., East Hartford, CT
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United States
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