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Title: Apparatus and method for preparing oxygen-15 labeled water H.sub.2 [.sup.15 O] in an injectable form for use in positron emission tomography

A handling and processing apparatus for preparing Oxygen-15 labeled water (H.sub.2 [.sup.15 O]) in injectable form for use in Positron Emission Tomography from preferably H.sub.2 [.sup.15 O] produced by irradiating a flowing gas target of nitrogen and hydrogen. The apparatus includes a collector for receiving and directing a gas containing H.sub.2 [.sup.15 O] gas and impurities, mainly ammonia (NH.sub.3) gas into sterile water to trap the H.sub.2 [.sup.15 O] and form ammonium (NH.sub.4.sup.+) in the sterile water. A device for displacing the sterile water containing H.sub.2 [.sup.15 O] and NH.sub.4.sup.+ through a cation resin removes NH.sub.4.sup.+ from the sterile water. A device for combining the sterile water containing H.sub.2 [.sup.15 O] with a saline solution produces an injectable solution. Preferably, the apparatus includes a device for delivering the solution to a syringe for injection into a patient. Also, disclosed is a method for preparing H.sub.2 [.sup.15 O] in injectable form for use in Positron Emission Tomography in which the method neither requires isotopic exchange reaction nor application of high temperature.
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US 5482865
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United States
apparatus; method; preparing; oxygen-15; labeled; water; 15; injectable; form; positron; emission; tomography; handling; processing; preferably; produced; irradiating; flowing; gas; target; nitrogen; hydrogen; collector; receiving; directing; containing; impurities; mainly; ammonia; nh; sterile; trap; ammonium; device; displacing; cation; resin; removes; combining; saline; solution; produces; delivering; syringe; injection; patient; disclosed; neither; requires; isotopic; exchange; reaction; nor; application; temperature; saline solution; gas containing; emission tomography; positron emission; water containing; processing apparatus; flowing gas; exchange reaction; oxygen-15 labeled; gas target; injectable form; preparing oxygen-15; labeled water; /436/250/376/422/