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Title: Method and apparatus for altering material

Methods and apparatus for thermally altering the near surface characteristics of a material are described. In particular, a repetitively pulsed ion beam system comprising a high energy pulsed power source and an ion beam generator are described which are capable of producing single species high voltage ion beams (0.25-2.5 MeV) at 1-1000 kW average power and over extended operating cycles (10.sup.8). Irradiating materials with such high energy, repetitively pulsed ion beams can yield surface treatments including localized high temperature anneals to melting, both followed by rapid thermal quenching to ambient temperatures to achieve both novel and heretofore commercially unachievable physical characteristics in a near surface layer of material.
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Stinnett, Regan W. (1033 Tramway La. NE., Albuquerque, NM 87122);Greenly, John B. (184 Ludlowville Rd., Lansing, NY 14882) SNL
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US 5473165
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United States
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