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Title: Magnetic-cusp, cathodic-arc source

A magnetic-cusp for a cathodic-arc source wherein the arc is confined to the desired cathode surface, provides a current path for electrons from the cathode to the anode, and utilizes electric and magnetic fields to guide ions from the cathode to a point of use, such as substrates to be coated. The magnetic-cusp insures arc stability by an easy magnetic path from anode to cathode, while the straight-through arrangement leads to high ion transmission.
  1. (Livermore, CA)
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OSTI Identifier:
Regents of University of California (Oakland, CA) LLNL
Patent Number(s):
US 5468363
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Research Org:
Lawrence Livermore National Lab. (LLNL), Livermore, CA (United States)
Country of Publication:
United States
magnetic-cusp; cathodic-arc; source; confined; desired; cathode; surface; provides; current; path; electrons; anode; utilizes; electric; magnetic; fields; guide; substrates; coated; insures; stability; easy; straight-through; arrangement; leads; transmission; magnetic field; magnetic fields; cathode surface; current path; cathodic-arc source; utilizes electric; magnetic path; /204/250/313/315/