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Title: Broad band waveguide spectrometer

A spectrometer for analyzing a sample of material utilizing a broad band source of electromagnetic radiation and a detector. The spectrometer employs a waveguide possessing an entry and an exit for the electromagnetic radiation emanating from the source. The waveguide further includes a surface between the entry and exit portions which permits interaction between the electromagnetic radiation passing through the wave guide and a sample material. A tapered portion forms a part of the entry of the wave guide and couples the electromagnetic radiation emanating from the source to the waveguide. The electromagnetic radiation passing from the exit of the waveguide is captured and directed to a detector for analysis.
  1. (Folsom, CA)
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Optical Solutions, Inc. (Folsom, CA) IDO
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US 5446534
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United States
broad; band; waveguide; spectrometer; analyzing; sample; material; utilizing; source; electromagnetic; radiation; detector; employs; possessing; entry; exit; emanating; surface; portions; permits; interaction; passing; wave; guide; tapered; portion; forms; couples; captured; directed; analysis; radiation passing; wave guide; electromagnetic radiation; broad band; radiation emanating; sample material; /356/385/