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Title: Method and system for constructing a rechargeable battery and battery structures formed with the method

A method and system for manufacturing a thin-film battery and a battery structure formed with the method utilizes a plurality of deposition stations at which thin battery component films are built up in sequence upon a web-like substrate as the substrate is automatically moved through the stations. At an initial station, cathode and anode current collector film sections are deposited upon the substrate, and at another station, a thin cathode film is deposited upon the substrate so to overlie part of the cathode current collector section. At another station, a thin electrolyte film is deposited upon so as to overlie the cathode film and part of the anode current collector film, at yet another station, a thin lithium film is deposited upon so as to overlie the electrolyte film and an additional part of the anode current collector film. Such a method accommodates the winding of a layup of battery components into a spiral configuration to provide a thin-film, high capacity battery and also accommodates the build up of thin film battery components onto a substrate surface having any of a number of shapes.
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  1. (Oak Ridge, TN)
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Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc. (Oak Ridge, TN) ORNL
Patent Number(s):
US 5445906
Research Org:
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN
Country of Publication:
United States
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