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Title: Recycling of rare earth metals from rare earth-transition metal alloy scrap by liquid metal extraction

Method of treating rare earth metal-bearing scrap, waste or other material (e.g. Nd--Fe--B or Dy--Tb--Fe scrap) to recover the rare earth metal comprising melting the rare earth metal-bearing material, melting a Group IIA metal extractant, such as Mg, Ca, or Ba, in which the rare earth is soluble in the molten state, and contacting the melted material and melted extractant at a temperature and for a time effective to extract the rare earth from the melted material into the melted extractant. The rare earth metal is separated from the extractant metal by vacuum sublimation or distillation.
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  1. (Ames, IA)
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Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc. (Ames, IA) AMES
Patent Number(s):
US 5437709
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Ames Laboratory (AMES), Ames, IA; Iowa State University, Ames, IA (US)
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United States
recycling; rare; earth; metals; earth-transition; metal; alloy; scrap; liquid; extraction; method; treating; metal-bearing; waste; material; nd-fe-b; dy-tb-fe; recover; comprising; melting; iia; extractant; mg; soluble; molten; contacting; melted; temperature; time; effective; extract; separated; vacuum; sublimation; distillation; melted material; liquid metal; transition metal; rare earth; metal alloy; earth metal; earth metals; time effective; earth-transition metal; rare earth-transition; extraction method; treating rare; metal extraction; /75/